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Welcome to Utalika

The Condoville

Life is easy at Utalika~The Condoville... surrounded by schools, institutes, hospitals, star hotels, restaurants, department stores and malls, nearby. Just off EM Bypass, it is located right behind Metro Cash & Carry and close to the proposed Metro Station.

In a world of around 20 acres, brimming with avant garde amenities, Utalika has opened its arms to Nature with 16.4 acres, a 2.6-acre lake and it's 66% open to sky as well.

Chairman's Message

Dear Friend,

We started our journey in 1993 with a simple mission... to make a difference in the way people live. Because we believe that a home is more than four walls. It is where you are free to create and inhabit your own space. It is the space where you cherish your treasured memories with loved ones and celebrate life.

We believe that modern living in lifeless concrete jungles has alienated us from the sprawling greens; greys and blacks now dominate the landscape which was once filled with the myriad hues of life.

To infuse the spirit of Nature in our busy life, we have planned a model urban settlement with Utalika~The Condoville, where the morning would start with the chirping of birds, fragrance of flowers, cool breeze in communion with the sun-kissed greens meandering through the grassy jogging trails and the pristine waterbody.

Welcome to a world full of indulgence. Introducing luxurious, beautiful and comfortable apartments for world-citizens. Away from the crowd, it is located off EM Bypass.

A place where we hope families will live and enrich their lives. Here you can find yourself at your best.

With best wishes for the future.

Harshavardhan Neotia
Chairman, Ambuja Neotia

Architect's Note

SE-ARCH Studio For Environment & Architecture

Something which is bound to happen in your life, happens.
You can only experience it, take part in it, but not stop it.

Our work in Bengal has been our Tryst with Destiny . . . our rendezvous and inevitable meeting with our fate. It has been a culturally rich, musical, poetic and feverishly creative experience. The people, the art, the language, the fabric the soil, the colour, the river, the landscape, have taught us and given us much.

It is our responsibility to give back to the people of Bengal their space, their home, their gardens, their ponds and their lifestyle as they like it, with simple, elegant, environmentally responsible architecture that is Complete, in all senses of the word. A luxurious and environment-friendly living, working and entertainment ecosystem with planned open spaces that meets all aspirations and lifestyle needs and lets you be You.

Our design effort for every little space is backed with years of study, research and concern, to bring to you comfort and, satisfaction in a unique living experience, but above all, a pride of place! With the insurmountable vision and integrity of Ambuja Neotia, we are happy and proud to present to you, Kolkata's tomorrow, Utalika~The Condoville.