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The Lake World

Utalika~Luxury has a 2.6-acre lake with a series of thrills to titillate your senses.

Anglers' Delight

Honing your passion couldn't get better... Find your leisure spot as you spend some quality time with yourself fishing for the right catch.

Row Away

Ride a boat with your friends and family in the clear water set against a backdrop of rolling greens and activity zones. Or sail away to your 'quiet spot' with a book as your companion.

Runners' paradise

As you jog around the lakeside, let the scenic beauty captivate your soul while you breathe in the refreshing morning air and rev up your fitness levels.

Enthralling Beauty

Various plant forms at the Sculpture Garden are punctuated with interesting works of art. This garden not only adds to Utalika's architectural splendour but also captivates your core.

Aquaplant Fishing Deck
Reflection Pond Area
Evening outer Pond View
Evening Lake View
HIG Exterior view
Deck Area View